October Is Non-GMO Month

March 13th, 2014 BY Marina Hanes | No Comments

Today is the first day of October. Yes, that means that we are well into autumn now, but it also has another significant meaning. In addition to celebrating the changing season, you also need to take time out to raise awareness about Non-GMO Month. A non-profit group called the Non-GMO Project has organized this month with retailers and is hoping to encourage consumers to buy foods and other products that have not been genetically modified. Can you believe that an entire month is dedicated to non-GMOs?

How can you support this wave of awareness?

Genetically modified organisms have their pros and cons. First off, they enable farmers to meet the high demand for food. Along with making plants bigger and stronger, genetically modifying them also prevents them from being susceptible to droughts, disease, fungi, etc. However, studies are showing that GMOs may not be the best for our health as well as the planet’s. Of course, that’s no surprise, because consequences are bound to happen when humans disrupt the natural world.

In order to support this month long celebration, do your part by spreading the message like wildfire. Most of the processed foods in our grocery stores contain GMOs, but many consumers don’t know this. Fortunately, products are now going to be labeled with a “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal, which makes this month perfect for celebrating.

Along with educating family and friends on GMOs, you can also make an effort to practice what you preach. There are more than 580 natural food stores participating in this month long event, so buy what you need from them. Sometimes the best way to show retailers what you want is to purchase exactly what you want. If you don’t have a natural food store nearby, request your local grocer to stock non-GMO products.

This is a big step toward raising awareness about GMOs, and it’s a chance for consumers to see which retailers are really stepping up and providing healthy options for their consumers. For those retailers who aren’t participating, maybe this will be a big wakeup call that a change is needed.

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