Water Pollution Number One Concern In United States

June 23rd, 2009 BY Craig Baird | 2 Comments

Water pollution is a very serious problem. It affects major waterways all over the planet and it affects how we live our lives because of our dependency on clean water. As more and more water gets polluted, there is less and less water for us to drink. Mercury is a specific problem that affects the oceans, and us when we drink water contaminated with mercury. Even the mammals in the oceans are being affected. Recent studies of the blubber of whales has found high concentrations of carcinogenic chemicals in the animals. This is a serious problem because if it is in the blubber of ocean mammals, then it is in fish. If it is in fish, then it is getting into our bodies because of our high consumption of sea life.

According to the study, the worst offender in the United States is Chicago, which discharges phosphorous, nitrogen and other chemicals into the Mississippi River, which then goes to the Gulf of Mexico to further grow the dead zone there. The dead zone is an area in the Gulf of Mexico where there is no oxygen in the water. This causes the entire area to be devoid of life as a result. This dead zone, and dead zones like it elsewhere, are growing in size and this also presents a very serious problem to the planet and its life.

According MNN.com, over 300,000 miles of rivers and streams, as well as 5,000,000 acres of lakes are polluted in the United States. This means that the majority of Americans, who all live within 10 miles of water bodies, are living with polluted water. Coupled with over half of the population of the United States living with polluted air, there is a serious problem to the health of the people. All this pollution is getting into our bodies and changing our very DNA in some cases.

This is why water pollution is the biggest concern for Americans. We need water to survive, our planet needs water and all life needs water, but if we continue to pollute this precious resource, we are only going to cause serious problems for ourselves in the future.

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