First All-Electric Limo Created From Nissan Leaf

July 20th, 2012 BY VeganVerve | No Comments

Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace in the world. Despite limited sales for many companies currently, the future still appears bright for the hybrid and electric-minded manufacturers. While the stigma remains for the vehicles in many cases, the opinion on the vehicles is changing. For instance, Nissan recently unveiled a vehicle one would not before have considered: an electric limo.

One does not often think of the opulent limo and think environmentally friendly, but the new Nissan Leaf limo is changing this image. The all-electric limo is currently in use in Tennessee, located near the North America office for the company. The limo has been created by actually removing the back half of the Leaf and adding materials to make the vehicle longer overall. performed the transition from Nissan Leaf to Nissan Leaf limo, the first ever all-electric limousine. In order to create the limo, the company estimates that an additional 400 pounds have been added to the original Leaf weight. This has an impact on the overall range of the vehicle, however, estimates only a fifteen percent range loss.

The original Nissan Leaf was unveiled in the United States and Japan in 2010. Sales have been limited largely due to the range of the vehicles and the lack of charging stations across the U.S. and other countries. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the range of the battery is seventy-three miles, however, other sources have the range going to more than 100 miles per charge. Overall, the Nissan Leaf is rated by the EPA to be 106 miles per gallon equivalent.

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