Green QuestionVille RoundUp – May 03

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Time for our weekly Green QuestionVille round up I hope you can find some interesting questions and answers below and remember if you have a questions register today and ask, it takes 20 seconds to register

Popular Questions This Week

  • TerraMadreFoundation asked: Are humans really to blame for global warming?
    Does anyone know about what amount of percent we cause to global warming? (See Answers)
  • HereToday asked: Hollywood knows better…
    That folks love to moan and groan about how “wicked” and “liberal” Hollywood is, but they’re still the first ones in line to watch the newest release? One more question, can you shut up about it until the movie’s over, and can you not slurp your coke so loudly? (See Answers)
  • atula asked: Is milk really good for us?
    We have all been advised to drink milk because of its health benefits..but is it really that necessary and good for us? (See Answers)
  • Kitten asked: Does your area make recycling easy?
    In the current town I live in, there’s next to no recycling options. There’s a tiny aluminum recycling center, but if I want to do anything with my plastic bottles or paper, I have to come up with ways myself or travel at least an hour or two away.

    In other areas I’ve been, there were recycling drop-offs in multiple places….and there were always containers at various shops, just like trashcans, but for bottles, cans, etc.

    So how accessible is recycling in your area? (See Answers)

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