Animal Testing

Ninety-four percent of animal testing is done to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% for medical research! Cosmetic testing is banned in Belgium, Netherlands and the U.K.. Europe has been phasing out all products related to animal testing since 2002 and they plan to completely ban all products by 2009. This is a big step in right direction for millions of animals who were helplessly killed during tests for cosmetics and household products. Unfortunately the U.S. is still home to many companies who continue to legally perform horrible test on animals even though the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn't require animal testing for cosmetics or household products!

Most of the animals that are used in testing are bred just for testing, but many others come from the pound. Mice, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, cats and monkey's are the most commonly used animals for tests. It has been proven that there is already enough existing safety data, as well as in vitro (test tube) alternatives to make animal testing for cosmetics and household products even more unnecessary and unethical. By just listing the names of the tests I will be able to give you a better idea of what these poor animals go through. Whole Body, Short-term Toxicity, Skin Penetration, Skin Irritancy, Eye irritancy, Skin Sensitization, Phototoxicity & Photosensitisation, Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, Reproductive Toxicity, Teratogenicity and Finished Product Testing are all common tests performed on animals.

The LD50 test short for lethal dose, is one of the worst tests that was developed back in 1927 and is still in use today. Groups of animals are dosed with different amounts of a test substance in order to determine the dose which kills half of the animals! Animals are often force-fed the substance. The LD50 test is known to use huge, unrealistic doses that are completely unrelated to possible exposure levels. There are now other tests available that use less animals and lower doses, yet this old, discredited LD50 test continues. During another common test, the Draize eye-and skin-irritation test, rabbits are immobilized in full-body restraints while a substance is dripped or smeared into their eyes or onto their shaved skin. Rabbits often scream in pain and many break their necks trying to get free. The Draize test has been proven in studies to "grossly over predicted the effects that could be seen in the human eye, and does not reflect the eye irritation hazard for man". The human four-hour patch skin test has proved to provide chemical skin-irritation data that are "inherently superior to that given by a surrogate model, such as the rabbit."

With so much going on in the world and our lives, I know it easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. But by reading this article you have proved that you do care. I know it is hard and horrible to even think of what is happening behind closed doors. But right now there are millions of animals who are caged, tortured, and can't speak for themselves. You can make progress and reach out to help them by taking just a second to sign this online petition here. By not purchasing products from companies that continue to test on animals you are also sending the message that it is not right.

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Six Reasons why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work

  • Human and animal testing agree only 5-25% of the time, according to Huntingdon Life Sciences
  • 88% of stillbirths are due to drugs posed to be safe in animal testing
  • According to World Health Organization out of 200,000 released mediations only 240 are labeled as essential
  • Corneal transplants were delayed for 90 years and blood transfusions were delayed 200 years due to animal studies
  • Animal experiments can be replaced by at least 450 methods known at this time
  • Less then 2% of human illnesses or 1.16% are ever seen in animals

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  1. Emily

    I cannot believe what tests are run on these animals. As well as that, but all the other terrible things they go through. After doing a school project on animal rights, I have become so passionate about this, I have become a vegetarian. I just wish that the companies performing these tests would take a minute to think about what they are really doing. They are not hurting just things, but living creatures.

    • Responses to Emily
      carnivorous says:
      March 5

      youve become a vegetarian…. wow. you know that vegetables are alive to right?? also if you dont buy meat they are still going to kill more.

      • 3
        Degan says:
        March 25

        You do realize that vegetables don’t feel pain just because someone likes not eating meat doesn’t mean you have to be a dick because you don’t agree

    • 4
      Dorkiemonsta says:
      May 14

      I know! It is proven that drugs that pass animal tests end up harming or killing humans 61% of the time…ya so remind me why they test on animals again??????It is sick and wrong and the animals deserve a fighting chance.:)

  2. jodie barnett

    animal testers are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean would you like to swallow toxic substances and be cut open whilst your still fully concous no i didnt think so

    • Responses to jodie barnett
      Shelby says:
      March 23


  3. Jaci

    And you are talking only about the US! Imagine the madness that also goes on in Third World countries…

    It would probably be useful to have a list (or a link to) of companies that perform such tests. This madness should stop but we must know who are the crazy companies behind it.

  4. jenny gsrnejsd

    i believe animal testing is disgusting. why should animals have to be tested for something that a human wants?
    its stupid nad whoever tests these aniamls should an BETTER feel sorry because they should be the ones being tested.
    When i grow up i am going to try to make animal testing illegal and it might sound stupid na dit might sound like it is never going to happen… but it will

    • Responses to jenny gsrnejsd
      heather says:
      March 12

      without animal testing we would be running around with measles, mumps, polio, rhumatic fever, etc. all the things that we vaccinate our kids for. Do you see all the disease’s that effect third world countries that kill thousands per day. Doing medical research on animals allows scientist to develope vaccines and other ways to treat and innialate deadly diseases all over the world. I do not believe in testing cosmetics on animals, let these high society flunkies contribute SOMETHING to society and let cosmetic companies test their products on them!

      • 11
        John says:
        March 13

        then how would you like it to be tested on you if you agree with it so much?

        • 12
          Liz says:
          May 29

          I agree…animal testing is so wrong it should stop now!!!

      • 13
        james says:
        March 20

        The effectiveness of animal testing is negligible. The physiology of animals makes the tests unreliable and ineffective. Think of how much medication that was tested on animals still ended killing humans. That is because the research doesn’t work. I am glad you are trying to see best in people, but some times you have to realize people do not always have good intentions.
        Thank you for comment though it is obvious that you do care

      • 14
        courtney says:
        April 3

        but still yout still killing harmless animals that never did anything to us.. its not fair.

      • 15
        Lindsay Guiher says:
        April 6

        How many animals do you know that have the measles, mumps,ect. These are human diseases! No amount of animal testing helped prevent this. The UK has made animal testing illegal, are they running rampant with disease? I don’t think so! Learn your facts and most importantly grow a heart!

      • 16
        bob says:
        July 4

        I agree this is a necessary thing to do for the future generations and us.

  5. mitzi d.

    i think animal testing is stupid and ineffective!!!! whats the point in it!!!!!!!!!

    • Responses to mitzi d.
      zach says:
      April 29

      Um…. guess what… Its saved millions of lives and its done soo much for humans. HUMANS ARE MORE IMPORTENT THAN ANIMALS!!!!!

      • 19
        Katelyn says:
        May 7


      • 20
        Bridget says:
        July 7

        wow your an a$$. what if u were an animal. then how would you feel? Animals have the same feelings as humans. and no animal testing does not help. Most of testing goes towards cosmetics. The world can live with out cosmetics. Most of animal testing does not go to medical research, and when it does it doesnt always turn out the same result they got on the animal. So it was just a waste. The animal just had all these tests done for nothing. Think about if someone took your pet for animal testing. The animals being tested could have been someone’s pets but now they will never get that chance because of people like you.

  6. ACCER

    Animal testing is evil. I see no point in it and would love to see it abolished. Yes, I’m a vegetarian but even before that I refused to eat veal and buy products tested on animals. The best way to stop it is to make it less profitable for the companies. If we all refuse to buy products tested on animals, they will stop.

    • Responses to ACCER
      Heather says:
      March 12

      do you take antibiotics when you are sick?

  7. sara

    this is so wrong using animals for testing. it is stupid to use them, they shouldn’t even be allowed to do this and that it should stop right now.

    • Responses to sara
      Thailand says:
      March 18

      Your wave off the rope, i rather let an animal die instead of me. If your a vegetarian, u don’t need to eat this vege all the time. If your body don’t have protein, u will die for sure. U can only get protein from meats. There is no other way to get protein then eatting meats. So don’t think that u will eat vege for the rest of your life because maybe you may eat meat with at home or when no one is watching you liar!

      • 25
        March 19

        Protein is not just in meats–beans, nuts, grains, tofu, tempeh etc etc ALL HAVE PROTEIN. Vegetarians and vegans do not lack protein in the least, stop furthering incorrect stereotypes. In actuality, many meat eaters consume too much protein which can lead to other issues, including osteoporosis. I also highly doubt any vegetarian is sneaking meat as most don’t eat meat because they find it morally wrong. I know it is hard to believe some people can stick to their morals in this day and age.

        • 26
          March 26

          Hey over the edge Veganperson, Where in my response to the article above did I say anything like what you were responding too? Where in MY response did I say anything at all about veggies and vegans not getting enough protein..are you sure of what you are even responding to?
          While I am here and YOU brought it up though..there have been several cases over the last few years (2 in California i’m positive about) where children have been removed from their homes for malnutrition! VEGAN homes, Because the fanatical parents of the children were FORCING their way of life on a baby and the mother although breast feeding was NOT supplying enough nutrients to the child.The child was taken from them because the infant who had no say in the matter whatsoever was not getting enough of a rounded diet and it was apparent to the state that the child was grossly undernourished and would be better off in another environment. HHHmmmm
          You go ahead and be all self righteous..

          I could have sworn that the article I was responding to was about animal testing. not animal eating…did you read the article? or do you just look for posts’ so you can scream at the meat eaters of the world? tell them how horrible they are..try to force your opinions on others. Try to prove to everyone how ”moral” you are and therefor somehow above the ”norm” because you Choose not to eat meat…? Good for you..others…Billions of others…Don’t feel the way you do…I’m glad you can stick to your morals…have at it.

      • 27
        Degan says:
        March 25

        Fool have you ever heard of peanuts…

        • 28
          April 1

          You mean the little things that come in packaging…? I can give you a link to recycle those if you want…..

      • 29
        lk says:
        March 30

        you can get protein from many other things than meat. like avacado and nuts

        • 30
          March 31

          I agree… when did I say otherwise…?

      • 31
        vegetarianism101 says:
        June 4

        technically, you can be a vegetarian and still get protein from a lot of other sources. Meat is obviously the best one to people that eat it, but for vegetarians (such as myself) you can get protein from: nuts, berries, soy, tofu and pretty much all dairy items. So your statement above is wrong, just for the record.

  8. Catluva331

    Animal Testing is the worst thing to EVER happen! its so terrible! how could people do that to them! I dont see why the president hasnt stopped it yet! Just because theyre animals doesnt mean the have no feelings! the poor things are helpless and theres hardly any people willing to do anything about it! i cant wait till someone steps up.

  9. Stav

    I am surprised that any so called ’civilised’ nation still uses animal testing for things like cosmetics. Come on US, get your house in order and in line with Europe.

    • Responses to Stav
      sjkfhu says:
      May 27

      what does that mean ?

  10. -.-

    animal testing is inhumane cruel and unlawful i thought there was someting in there about animal cruelty i think that is something we need to address to government and science labs of our generation

  11. Micheal

    animal testing is the reason we have vaccinations that are saving lives so im all for it

    • Responses to Micheal
      beck says:
      March 4

      that may be true, but animals are different from humans, we have different side affects.
      the only tests that animals could be useful for is if its lethal

    • 38
      holtboy says:
      May 11

      dude your cruly there living things to

  12. uallaredumb!

    ok, yea so then animals come first, wow u guys are all dumb, ok everybody stop wearing makeup, lets not cure some diseases, lets just all die then, without animal testing were all screwed…

  13. juana ventura

    sto panimal testing its a bad rep for humans

  14. valentine

    i know !!!!!!!!!

    i stoped eating mars bars now

  15. Kira the Savior of animals

    I think it is wrong to test stuff on animals…..Why should we? Others dont think animals have feelings to…but they do..its just not right!!!!!We need to stop!!!

  16. roxy

    Hey im doing a research paper on animal testing im wondering if you can help me.

  17. michelle

    animal testing is wrong and cruel if so many other countries can live without it why can’t we. I’d rather give up makeup then let some innocent animal die just to know its okay for me to wear. Make up is not a neccessity.

  18. tater03

    I find it disgusting to test animals for things such as hairspray, makeup and perfumes. I do agree that in some medical cases it may be the only choice but to test for stuff that is not needed and is used for only vain purposes is uncalled for.

    • Responses to tater03
      barndi says:
      April 14

      i do not think animal teasting is right. i do not agreewith your theroy we should not use them in such harmful ways

  19. stav

    this is about animal testing of cosmetics, not about medical research which is a totaly different thing.. only one dumb person here..

  20. Taylor

    animal testing is wrong
    more companies should use human volunteers like some others do.
    medical research and makeup are totally different things
    i love makeup
    but i would rather have that tested on humans
    we do need medical stuff tested.
    i would be pretty satisfied if only medical needs were tested on animals
    i heard that the medical stuff puts the animals through less pain.
    and the chemicals from makeup and toiletries hurt them.
    it would be a miracle if we could find enough human volunteers that we didn’t need animals to test on
    [: i would never test on poor innocent animals
    you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job
    if you agree with my statement, POST YES(:

    • Responses to Taylor
      holtboy says:
      May 11

      yes you are so right

    • 50
      Kaitlyn says:
      June 4

      Yes animal testing is wrong we should only test for serious medical stuff and we dont need make up i would rather have animals than all that stuff you test on them and it is just cruel and mean how they make rthem suffer like that they should just be able to live there life like everything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
      p.s you do the smileys the wrong way

    • 51
      Person says:
      June 10

      The sad thing with that is, if you kill humans, their family can sue you…

      Rabbits can’t…:/

  21. jeremy

    Although I agree with your point of view, I have to say something about statistics.Honestly and journalistic integrity are very important, so it is worth noting that the statistics given here regarding the percentage of tests done for cosmetics and household products vs medical research are eronious. The split is not quite that dramatic. Household items and cosmetics should not be lumped together either. Cosmetics are in no way essential. They are nothing more than an instrument of vanity, and no animal should ever have suffered for something that silly. The British government has by far the best legislation on animal testing of any westernized country. You should all take a look at that. They do not ban animal testing, but what they have done can be used as a realistic model for what can be achieved in the short term.

  22. Carly Jaminski

    It’s wrong and it needs to change. And I’m going to make sure it does….

  23. stav

    Please share with us how you will do this Carly.. I’m sure we’d all like to help. Jeremy i am int he UK and i can vouch for what you say about the GB model for dealing with animal testing.

  24. Miranda

    i think that animal testing should be banned. its only in use for cosmetics to make girls feel more prettier and whatnot. barely any of it is actually used to benefit humans. theres no need for makeup, perfume or any of that stuff. i am very against it and i have joined the Phoenix’s and became a vegan. animal testing should be STOPPED. its not useful and it hurts and causes pain to animals while they are still conscious.

  25. Robyne

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! i had no idea that such things were happening! Someone needs to put an end to this madness and soon!!!

  26. Jeremy

    I hadn’t read the Uallaredumb! Post. I second what Stav said. We aren’t all ”screwed” without animal testing. Life would go on without it. Don’t be so dramatic. Animal testing certainly helps in many cases with medical research, so obviously there is some debate there as to what regulations are needed and how much human suffering are will to accept vs animal suffering. Alternative testing methods exist, but nothing simulates a living organism like a living organism…now….”lets’ all stop wearing cosmetics”; is there anything wrong with that? By all means, paint your face, but no animal should suffer for your vanity. Period. If you want to wear makeup, why don’t you assume the risk? Put it on your face, see if burns…if it doesn’t, go look stunning. You can’t ask anyone or anything else to bear the cost of something you want which is non essential to life.

  27. stav

    I can’t see any justification for using animals to test lipstick.. Surely scientists these days have enough data to have a pretty good idea what is and isn’t harmful to humans… and would i assume not use the harmful stuff in their products.. so if they want to test the stuff, use humans… pay them well and someone will be up for it…

  28. Kayla

    This is sooo sickening! I feel so bad for the animals..And in other countries it’s worse! Some are wayy worse. I am only 15, but since 7th grade i have been doing animal testing papers and research to get the word out about animal testing! It is un-human and gross and just vile! Those poor animals can’t speak for themselves and it is just cruel to do it, especially when there are altervative ways!
    Those animals are tortured and bred into that aweful mess and it’s quite sad…what they do to the monkies is the sickest….we need to stop this and soon!!!

  29. Danyel

    I am very against animal testing but some of the information in this article is incorret, actually 51% of animal testing is cosmetics and plain out curiousity drivin experiments and then 46% is done for medicine, not correct information up there but animal testing is still terrible … and the real accurate numbers are still horrible

  30. mario

    i am astuned that people do this to them…Now if they felt it the other way around and knew what they were going throw they would most likely not do it anymore…what would it take to make them not do it, to listen to their cries, to understand, to STOP?…to me there is no other beautiful thing to look at, to gaze in there eyes and see what you see LOVE,TRUST,and FAITHFULLNESS…People wont be able to see what i see if the animals go extinct from animal testing…So do everybody a faver plaese

  31. jessica

    who else is going to be the guinea pig? we eat them..well at least i do, why not test products on them? within strict, compassionate limits of course!

    • Responses to jessica
      lush says:
      March 13

      because it’s not fair for the animals be hurt just by animal testing

  32. RVC

    I totally agree. What they do to those innocent creatures is .. horrible! You don’t need cosmetics or that much household cleaning products. We are totally against animal testing!

  33. vannessa

    no person, or animal deserves to be treated that way.
    stop animal testing!!

  34. Selena

    I dont think that animal testing is a good thing. But i also dont think that it is a bad thing either. In my class we are researching papers on them and animal testing has cured many diseses. Without animal testing so many people would be dead. In animal research facilties they take very good care of the animals while they are there. They need them to be in good condition in the first place. Okay so animal testing does kill many animals and isnt always acurate but its all we have, And its what is keeping so many people alive.

  35. ENES


  36. ENES


    • Responses to ENES
      Thailand says:
      March 18

      I only 14 and u no what ENEs u should think before u said something. Without animal testing, how would we know what can cure us. Think of the future when a new diesase come in to the USA, and there is no more animal testing, there will be no cure for us and we will all died and no one will ever find that cure. Here a explame of that happen in the past!!! THE BLACK DEATH! that a good explame of why we have animals testing!

  37. stav

    I think we need to accept that there are some cases where animal testing is necessary, most particularly, medical research… with strict guidelines, but that all other kinds should be banned by all so called ’civilised’ countries.

  38. this one and only time!!

    Why does this problem need to change??

  39. this one and only time!!

    Animal testing started back in the 17th century when a French scientist named René Descartes thought that “animals don’t feel pain or suffering because they lack consciousness…” ( Although author, of two U.S. federal laws regulation pain relief of animals, Bernard Rollin says “…researchers remained unsure into the 1980’s as to weather animals experience pain, and that veterinarians trained in the U.S. before 1989 were taught to ignore animal pain” (
    This statement i found on wikipedia and good luck to the punching thing!!! the guy who ”created” animal testing died over 350 years ago!!! sorry to burst your bubble.

  40. stav

    Danyel, where do you get your more ’accurate’ figures from?

    In the UK all animal testing of cosmetics has been banned for years, and it is time a country like the US joined the rest of us with a more enlightened view. It may perhaps be understanderble in a third world country but for a world leader like the US to be so backward in this area is shocking.

  41. holy crap, animal testing sucks

    I’m writing an easy on it and after reading this I just feel really disgusted with our world right now.

  42. we're dumb?

    number one, there are makeup companies that don’t use animal testing and about 48% of all animal tests aren’t approved because of the differences in the animals and humans. so if every one says we are so different then why use animals for testing? There are over 50 disasterous testings like the cure for polio was just a mishap, and the treatment for ADHD has had over 20 cases of liver failure in children. now who’s dumb? there are many alternatives where just waiting for all those companies to get their heads out of theirs arses!!

  43. Jade

    That picture of the mouse nearly reduced me to tears. I can’t actually believe humans could do this to animals. I love animals and am a vegetarian, even though i’m only 13. I could kill those people with my bare hands. I feel sick with the thought of what those animals go through. I have 8 rabbits and the thought of someone testing on my babies is sickening.
    Jade XX

  44. Corey Richard

    Yea well get this: animal testing gets faulty results 90% of the time! We’d be better off flipping a coin! Five times more! So makeup and vaccinations wouldn’t be gone, in fact, we’d be doing better off if we didn’t have animal testing. For example, the Polio vaccine was delayed 30 years because animal testing proved it inefective! Do you know how many people that probably killed!? Think about that.

  45. your mom

    i cannot belive the gross nasty, incredabley discusting things these idiots do to poor innocent animals. this needs to stop, this need to stop NOW.

  46. Angela

    Animal testing is a cruel process, and i believe it is very unfair for those unfortunate animals who have to live up with this. They have no say in this. I am very disappointed that we would ever do such a thing. This is no ones idea of fun.

  47. Teo

    wow Oh my god
    this is soo un-human!
    what happend to people?

  48. naty

    animal testing is cruel and wrong stop with the abuse

  49. amanda

    i am so mad right know! i am crying just thinking about this they should stop this madness KNOW!!

  50. amanda

    i have more to say about this, these poor animals are suffering and dying. if i had some sickness and i would need the animals to live i would die with the sickness, i wouldnt kill the animals for me to survive, id rather them survive then end their lives.

  51. stav

    Oh dear, this is getting silly now. So some of you would prefer that many thousands of humans died including yourselves, rather than a few guinea pigs while finding a cure for disease? Get a grip people.

    Testing cosmetics is wrong, which is why we in the civilised countries (ie not the US) had banned it years ago. Personally though I see nothing wrong with strictly controlled animal testing for vital medical research.

  52. betsy 222

    i know i totally agree its pointless and really what is the point just to hurt innocent animals just to give us the things we really dont need.

  53. Samantha

    I totally agree! Animal Testing is still undecided in my head. i dont know if i should agree with it or disagree. i disagree about testing house products and cosmetics, but i do agreee on medical research. Thank you for your wonderfull information!

  54. stavy

    um ok.. I think i will give up now. The lights are on but there is nobody home!

    This debate is pointless if nobody understands the issues, and the main one is that the US need to be brought in line with the rest of the world regarding cosmetic testing, but that also people need to understand that some testing HAS to be allowed.

  55. morgan m.

    it actually saves a lot of lives. it’s not stupid and it’s not pointless. chemotherapy was testied on animals and now saves millions of lives. if you had cancer would you rather die or use something to save your life that has been tested on animals? i love animals but most everything we use has been or is still tested on animals.

  56. ............

    This is bad and cruel. Not humane at ALL. Why don’t we just test on humans too? Last time I checked we are animals too.

  57. fhdgkrs

    i think your right
    animal testing is wrong

  58. Charr

    Then if you think its bad then wouldnt you do someting about it then sitting at a computer spending your time replying to comments =]

  59. Charlie

    Animal testing is necessary people! we need it for medical development. i know that if anyone of you had a fatal disease or virus you wouldn’t care if animals died or were harmed in the testing of finding a cure. this is stage in the development is vital to the creation of drugs (not recreational of course but medical) and wouldn’t work as well without it. without the animal testing stage people in the next stage ,volunteers, (who have done it for money mind you) may be harmed and could die, what’s worse? 30 humans dying or 10 little mice dying who have bad pain receptors and would most likely die painlessly. you may see all these pictures in the media of a little monkey crying or a rat veering away from an injection but this is all the media has shown us of animal testing. i know that its not that bad as mos of these photos you will see will be out of date or recreated by the media. the testing facilities are fine and up to standards, they have enough space and will be treated well. why is it that when you see a little animal getting a jab you get so sad but you yourself will have been made to have jabs and you know it will always be for the better.

    • Responses to Charlie
      lula says:
      March 10

      i do understand that we need medical development but we should not kill animals to get that

  60. Tess

    I am doing a project and i really really need some info about what experts say about how bad animal testing is. If you could do that for me i would be so greatfull! Thanks!

  61. Danni

    animal testing isnt wrong, its the way people treat the animals as their being tested on – throwing them around, hitting them. I do agree, that i wouldnt like to be cut open, and be in pain unal that, but at the end of the day, its testing on animals that keeps our species alive. Everybody has their own opinions, and if your sad enough to sit at a computer and argue, well that says it all[:


    these so called people who test on animals, should be tested on themselves, and all the animal abusers, child abusers, we should be using them to test on, NOT THE ANIMALS!!! THEY ARE INNOCENT, UNLIKE ALOT OF HUMAN ANIMALS



  64. Eric

    I think all you animal rights supporters are pathetic. I would honestly like to know where you got the stat of only 6% of animal testing is for medical use. When it comes down to new vaccines and medications for diseases, would YOU be willing to volunteer to take them?….I think not. Another thing that I’d like to point out is that most of the people that are in support for animal rights are WOMEN!! I’m not being sexist, but seriously…think about it. Women were wired like that to take on God’s purpose of the more sympathetic version of Him. Yes, Christianity is going to take the stand. Grant it there is no evidence in the Bible that supports either side, but what else are we going to do the tests on? Hmm?? Answer me that. Once you ”Animal Rights Activists” give me a SUBSTANTIAL argument and you have ground to stand on, get back to me. Until then, you’re all ignorant in my eyes.

    • Responses to Eric
      brittany says:
      April 16

      i think we should test on human volunteers, i mean we already do anyway except we dont need to keep making all this makeup and stuff like why dont we just stick with what we have and quit the research th only thing we need to research on is medical stuff but on humans bcuz than we will know we got it right anyway bcuz its actually the real things humans instead of animals that have FUCKIN feelings that apparantly nobody cares about anymore.

  65. Sophiee!

    Animal Testing Is Wrongg!
    People Should Stop Animal Testing, Why Cant Wee Do It To Human’sz They Think We Are Not The Samee But We Will Find Out About That!
    We Should Ask Human’s An See How They Like It To Be Treated In That Mannor!
    If This Dont Stop i Think EveryOne Should Start Protesting In Every Country In Every School On Every Road An On Every Town!
    This Should Stop Right Away, You Should Try An Test On You’r Selve’sz An Then Come Back To Me And Tell Me How You Feel?
    Becausee The Animal’sz Feel The Samee, Because On The Insidee No Matter What Calture You Are Or What Colour Were All The Same An We Should Stick Together!
    Thankyou For Readin This! x

  66. alexa

    i will tell you who else we can do tests on!! there are PLENTYYYYY of new methods that do not require animals at all, and even when we do test on animals we still do many many tests on humans too. so both are dying when we have the technology to save both! people just don’t want to make the change that needs to be made!

  67. sami

    i agree

  68. danielle mayey

    animal testing is the worst thing ever ..x

  69. a student

    lol……do u people want people to test on humans instead. i mean come on we should be thankful for these animals bcuz they are helping us live longer and save and help life and cure diseases!!

  70. stavy

    some of you kids need to think about this, and actually read the articles, and the comments… THe gist of it is that while animal testing of cosmetics is wrong, and is banned in all civilised countries except the US, medical research should be allowed to continue, so long as methods were humane.

    forget all this.. ’awww da poor little furry fings are sooo cute and i’m so sad boo hoo’ and think common sense…

  71. Mitchell Powell

    Animals are also ppl too i agree, it goes both ways and its wrong,, i would hate it if my two dogs were tested on >

  72. Bob

    i thnk medicine testing is o.kizay, but csmetic testing is sooooo wrong!!!!!!!!

  73. Bob

    Thank You, your comment is waiting to be approved.

  74. Diane

    How can people think that this is right because it’s not. How would you feel if peopole tested on you you be dead after about a couple years and you would have a very high risk of getting HIV just like the chimps who are being tested on. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. I ENCOURGE PEOPLE TO GET OUT THERE AND SOMTHING IF THEY FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS TOPIC.



  76. bobby

    this is werid

  77. audrey bobo

    aanimal testing is wrong so stop being cruel to the inacint

  78. Animal Lover

    Animal testing does help but not most the time. Rats that are tested on are only accurate 37% of the time! Also, rats are toxic to asprin but asprin helps us sooo that means sometimes testing on animals will give us the wrong result and will maybe kill the animal! Which is really wrong. People have to do better! Animal Testing needs to stop.

  79. alicia Simpson

    I am sick of them testing on the helpless they shouldn’t do it there are other thing u can test on !!!!!!!!!!!

  80. chaabba

    it is your fault Bobby

  81. bobby

    no its not

    • Responses to bobby
      Tessa Telshaw says:
      March 10

      yea animal testing is bad so
      the people for it go die i hate aniamal testing
      im a vegan so i would no everything about testing
      how would we feel if we were tested on

  82. -_-

    -sigh- I think animal testing is bad…I know that there are good purposes for it..but the fact that they use it for selfish things like cosmetics and not medical wise…is what makes me sick. There are other testing methods yet they still do it…And all of the people who say its a good thing are looking at the medical testings not the cosmetics or dirge(sp) testing on rabbits and all of that…but like…the abuse to some of the animals that SOME of the expeirmenters use on them to make them take it is just sad…and you guys should research before you post your lame ass comments on here -_-

  83. Mariah

    I am doing a social justice fair project on this topic do you think you help me research?

  84. steph

    i dont believe that it is right to test on animals if people volunter then they should face the consequences of what should happen to them and if they do then its their own choice no one forced them to

  85. Greentechdog

    WOW This has really set some people off!
    People want to hit and strangle people who do this to animals,
    Stavy is pretty much blaming the USA for on going animal testing,When it happens in many countries and will do so for a while.
    Carly Jaminski said (she?) was going to make sure this get taken care of !!…Good for you.. I applaud your passion.Email when you get all finished will ya?
    Some one said it was mostly women who are concerned about this.(! Not sure you can back that one up on just who posts’ here.!)
    While there are points good and bad about animal testing you cannot deny that it has made the world a safer place(maybe that’s why we have a population explosion)
    The things you live with in your daily life no matter where you live has been improved by research on animals,
    Drugs,Safer Chemicals for your cars carpeting or your home where your baby plays and crawls,,light bulbs,
    Vaccines, Cancer treatments, Foods, Poisons,and yes Cosmetics, Which I personally don’t agree with (if you need to put lipstick on a pig or perfume on a rat you need to get out of the laboratory a little more often) But, I wouldn’t want to go out with a woman who had scars on her lips and eyes because she was a test subject.
    Have bad things happened to animals in the past…Yes
    Are you going to be able to stop it? Doubtful.

    Violence against those who do this testing will not solve anything. A lot of times(sorry no documentation to back it up) these people-Scientists- are people like you and me…people with hopes and dreams who love their families, maybe enough to try to make sure they don’t die from some ravaging disease. Or that you don’t. or your loved ones.
    Violence towards them is never going to be the answer
    Is it wrong to carry on testing when we know the answer already? Yes. Is it Immoral? Yes.
    Do I sleep better at night knowing the foam in my pillow won’t melt my face away because ten guinea pigs died. You Bet.
    All in all, testing was and is done to prevent you and your loved ones(that includes your pets too)could have better lives, The lives of your great great grand parents till today has benefited greatly because of it.
    Am I a proponent of animal testing? No not really I know that terrible things MAY have occurred… I’m just simply a realist.

    You don’t have billions of dollars to fight this, and if you did you would only waste your time and money doing it.

    I would hate to be the doctor figuring out how to tell your loved one dying in the hospital the good news and the bad news…

    The good news is we might be able to diagnose and cure you.

    The bad news is the animal rights activists won’t allow it.

    This is only my opinion, I welcome you to have yours, thats what this is all about right?If you want to get upset and respond. Great.
    Not saying I will… but you have at it anyway.

    • Responses to Greentechdog
      jimmy says:
      April 3

      your making a link between animal testing and scientific research that just isn’t there. This is not about helping you or anyone else. Animal testing right now is a basically a liability shield against lawsuits against big pharmaceutical corporations. obviously you’ve bought into the multi-million dollar ad campaign the health industry is spewing. this is not a zero-sum game without animal testing we would not be in the stone age. Just think of the level of technology right now where would that go all of the sudden? have you even thought your argument through?

  86. Meat eater

    i like meat

  87. A-rizzle

    Like wow

  88. A-rizzle

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  89. animalover273

    its cruel wat they do 2 animals they cant speak so we gotta speak 4 them they have just as much right to live as we do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the animal testers piss me off so bad they have no right if they want theese products so bad test it on themself geez!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Cody

    This is obsurd…Animal testing is wrong…It might benefit humans…but that shows how selfish we are…How does this help the animals that NEED US. It doesn’t, these animals are suffering because of mankind…animals wer eon this planet first…They deserve care and affection

  91. student

    Thanks for this article.

  92. Nicole

    I toatally agree with rhis, I think animal testing should be STOPPED!

  93. Bob Yoo

    Vaccinnes formed from animal testing: Anthrax, chicken pox, cholera, diphtheria, flu, influenza b, hepatitis a and b, measles, mumps, polio, rabies, rubella, smallpox, yellow fever

    Medications formed: Insulin, penicillin, streptomycin, anticoagulants and a lot more
    I am ALL FOR IT if it concerns medical researches and all. But Every year there is new beauty products, cosmetics, and household products made. It leaved millions of animals burned, dead, mutilated, and poisoned, so animal testing should be stopped only for those things.

  94. MEGAN

    animal testing is wrong and reading this makes me fell really sad of what is happening and RIGHT NOW IM DOING A PROJECT ON ANIMAL TESTING RIGHT SAVE OUR ANIMALS NOW!!!!!!!!

  95. jelly

    this is horrible i dint even relize what they were doing to these animals till i wanted to do a report on animals testing….
    this is outragouse////

    im dissgusted… :(

  96. rachel

    everyone who is involved in animal testing better go to hell.

  97. biologystudent

    this crazy cruel abuse should be stopped now!! and should never happen again!

  98. jennifer

    this is crazy it should be stopped..i love animals and this is something i think should never be allowed!!!!!!!

  99. kate

    i think it is sad and wrong people who do this is mean the animal done nothing soooooo stop. AND I AM DOING A PROJECT ON IT RIGHT NOW SO STOP

  100. kate

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  101. cortney howard

    why would people test on animals its so not kool yhey need to stop

  102. stavy

    Greentechdog don’t lump me in with all the kiddies on here.. You are missing my points completely. I am not ’blaming’ the US for animal testing. I am stating the fact that the US is the only civilised (!) country on the planet that still allows it purely for cosmetic purposes.

    I also said that animal testing is necessary for medical research, as long as it is strictly controlled. In other words our views are practically the same! As for arguing against some of the more inane comments on here, you are wasting your time mate…

  103. helga

    im only 100 years old but i know that animals are cute so leave them alone or i will kill you!!!!!!!1

  104. Sierra

    i think animal testing is wrong also. is really worth killing a little innocent cute animal to safe a human life??? not really find cures but on not animals what did they ever do to you??

  105. tish

    testing on animals is wrong

  106. reece

    humans have fellings to how dare you kill innocent animals to save ur self i hate you all how would you like it if a giant rabbit came and proded you with a stick full of mascara that burned your skin and you screamed but it took no mercy take a good hard look at youself and STOP!!!!:)

  107. manda

    i cant even begin how sick all this is. i dont understand how someone could do this to a poor helpless animal.
    it makes me cry.

  108. person

    humans are also animals, and it’s in animal nature to put yourself ahead of other when it comes to survival, but I and absolutley AGAINST animal testing for cosmetics, since it isn’t about survival. people can live without it. there are also people who volunteer and ther are alternative to animal tesing which is why animal testing for cosmetics is just CRUEL. At least in medical testind it couls lates save another person or animal, unlike in cometics when it’s just for making peole pretty.

  109. shannon

    i say no to animal testing coz it is wrong. things that may work on people would probley kill aniamls and people are asking y are there not many animals in the world

  110. Karina

    YES! it is true ANIMALS CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSEELVES is not fair to treat animals these way with so many other ways that cosmetics and other stuff can be used is not necessary to use animals THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION TO STOP THE SUFFERING OF INNOCENT LIVES THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!!!!!

  111. Karina

    YES! it is true ANIMALS CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSEELVES is not fair to treat animals these way with so many other ways that cosmetics and other stuff can be used is not necessary to use animals THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION TO STOP THE SUFFERING OF INNOCENT LIVES THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!!!!!

  112. ur gay

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  113. Alyssa

    Animal testing is horrible reading about this stuff makes it a reality for me and makes me so upset. i am ashamed that this is even going on and so many people contribute to it

  114. arfeandel

    Yes there are some very horrid tests performed on animals. And some of those can probably be replaced by in vitro testing on human cells.
    But without animal testing you would still be dying of diseases like polio and cancers and many more diseases.
    I agree that testing the newest lipstick on some dog or monkey is plain stupid. But animal testing for curing diseases is necessary for medical advancement and saving lives.

  115. P.I

    Perhaps some of the testing could be performed on people, the (hopefully) temporary side effects would be accepted by the candidates in return for a secure high paying full time job with full benefits. A mandatory education program would need to be completed before testing could begin.
    Animals are not getting paid-(compensated), and this allows the companies to keep the huge percentage of their profits they would have had to pay out to human test subjects in the form of a salary (monthly pay). Dangerous jobs = High pay.

  116. Mokonax

    Don’t even try to argue with these 12 year old kids. You can state all the facts in the world and they will just ignore them. All they care about is text messaging, clothes, and myspace. Just looking at lack of grammar on some of these comments will give you some clue as to what you are dealing with. Just stop wasting your time, people like us are going to be running the world someday so its no use arguing with these weak minded children.

  117. r.h

    i think that all animal testing should be band it makes me soo upset people in the industry r nobs hw can they be cruel to such innocent animals …xxx fukkk all animal esters they all suck der dadz dickk…xx im 14 n watt

  118. ~**SOFtBALL LADyy!!**~

    the is bull they shouldn’t do this the poor animals!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. ~**SOFtBALL LADyy!!**~

    the is bull they shouldn’t do this the poor animals!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. noratmedicine

    Animal experiments harm humans in 2 ways. !. Harmful substances pass animal ‘tests’ @. Animal ‘research’ does not cure human disease.

    “The history of cancer research has been a history of curing cancer in the mouse… We have cured mice of cancer for decades – and it simply didn’t work in humans.” Dr. Richard Klausner, as director of the US National Cancer Institute

    1981 Congressional Testimony by Dr. Irwin Bross, former Director of the Sloan-Kettering, the largest cancer research institute in the world, and then Director of Biostatistics at Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research, Bufallo, NY: “The uselessness of most of the animal model studies is less well known…Indeed, while conflicting animal results have often delayed and hampered advances in the war on cancer, they have never produced a single substantial advance either in the prevention or treatment of human cancer.”
    more at “Cancer research- a super fraud”

    and from the Safer Medicines Campaign

    “Given substances are not necessarily carcinogenic to all species. Studies show that 46% of chemicals found to be carcinogenic in rats were not carcinogenic in mice. [23] If species as closely related as mice to rats do not even contract cancer similarly, it’s not surprising that 19 out of 20 compounds that are safe for humans caused cancer in animals. [24]

    The US National Cancer Institute treated mice growing 48 different “human” cancers with a dozen different drugs proven successful in humans, and in 30 of the cases, the drugs were useless in mice. Almost two-thirds of the mouse models were wrong. Animal experimentation is not scientific because it is not predictive.

    The US National Cancer Institute also undertook a 25 year screening programme, testing 40,000 plant species on animals for anti-tumour activity. Out of the outrageously expensive research, many positive results surfaced in animal models, but not a single benefit emerged for humans. As a result, the NCI now uses human cancer cells for cytotoxic screening.[25]
    refs 23# DiCarlo DrugMet Rev,15; p409-131984.
    24# Mutagenesis1987;2:73-78.
    25# Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Volume II Animal Models Svendensen and Hau (Eds.) CRC Press 1994 p4.”

  121. your dad

    this makes me sick to hear this.>.>

  122. Izzy Love

    This is so sad!

  123. Maddie Barker

    I don't reacon its right to test on animals.

  124. Maddie Barker

    millions of animals are locked in tiny uncomfortable cages.

  125. Marc Akoury


  126. Juliana Waite

    WHY THE HELLL DO PEOPLE LET THIS HAPPEN… OBAMA FREAKING DO SOMETHING IF YOU CARE ABOUT THESE ANIMALS… I have to do this for a project and I want to switch sooo badly this stuff makes me cry.. I'm not aloud to switch.. but I wish.

  127. Juliana Waite

    ****** I have to do a report on animal laboratory testing..

  128. Michele Lavery Purnell

    I also have to do this for a project this makes me so sad to see all of these poor animals go through this. also I cant find another reason for my project?

  129. Shamma Al-khowar

    oh my god I'm crying right now :( I hope people who test on animals DIE!

  130. Konstantino Dimitropoulos

    This includes any natural herbal medicines too

    • Responses to Konstantino Dimitropoulos
      March 10

      Stop taking useless products and start eating real food as your medicine!

    • 169
      March 10

      Stop taking useless products, use food as your medicine!

  131. Junaina Ansari

    This is so sad. Curse the people who do this to poor animals. I feel like slapping them!

  132. What do you have to say?