Enhance Your Garden With Solar Globes

July 12th, 2010 BY Bart | 5 Comments

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When building an environmentally friendly garden or outdoor space, it is often easy to overlook the lighting. The right lighting can take a project from the nice to the fantastic, and from the private to the intimate. But what kind of lighting?

General Solar Lighting

Today there is a large selection of lighting, but one of the easiest to install and most eco-friendly is solar lighting. The typical solar powered device sits patiently all day, gathering up the sunlight and converting that to electricity. In the evening the device uses the stored energy to create a little light of its own, providing for illumination and ambiance.

Solar Globes

One type of solar lighting that seems to be ideal for most garden projects is solar globe lighting. The unit is literally a globe that is completely self contained. You place the globe where you want it, and it starts collecting in the daylight, and automatically shines at night.

If it sounds simple, it really is. The biggest job is deciding what type of solar globes is right for your garden project.

Types of Solar Globes

Solar globes tend to vary in two major types – those that simply shine in a white light, and those that will shift colors when they operate, providing additional opportunities to “paint” your evening landscape. Most of the color changing variety allow you to control the color to at least some degree, allowing even finer control of ambiance.

Solar globes can also be selected according to desired placement location. This is another area to consider before purchasing your globes. If you have a water feature in your garden or open space, then you might want to consider a globe that can float. This will let you easily add illumination to the water, giving a tranquil atmosphere to the area. Floating solar globes can be found in both single white and multi-colored varieties, so let your imagination be your guide. Personally I love the look of a white globe floating in the water, but you may have other ideas in mind.

Globes can also be placed on a stand and distributed throughout your project, or they can be found mounted to a post. For this type you install the post mount in the landscape, then attach the globe to the post. This raised method might work best for lighting some walkways, particularly if the walkways are edged with landscape – the raised postion allows the globes to shine over the plants onto the path.

Whatever approach you take with your garden project, lighting offers a great way to accent it. Solar power is a great choice as an eco-friendly means of powering your lighting, but consider solar power globes as a simple and attractive way to add a classic look to any outside project.

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  1. Kathy S

    The best lighting for your garden is none. The night is supposed to be dark…free of all light pollution.

    • Responses to Kathy S
      Bart says:
      July 13

      Well put Kathy :) … I miss the stars you hardly see them in the big cities anymore.

  2. Julie K.

    When you put some solar lighting close to your patio it may not harm anything. The solar energy is sure eco-friendly, but there is no information about what material is the solar lighting made from. Well, our generation probably doesn’t know how the real dark night looks like…

    • Responses to Julie K.
      Bart says:
      July 14

      I think what Kathy means that all the materials involved create more waste then anything… even for eco friendly products if you can get away without using them… you should try and do so.

  3. Alex

    I see what you guys are saying but I always find some low level lighting in the garden really relaxing and comforting.

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