How Every Geek Can Go Green

May 17th, 2010 BY Brooke Olive | No Comments

We all have an image of the stereotypical nerd, the geek, leaning hunched over his computer playing World of Warcraft or some such hero game but has anyone really stopped and thought about the definition of geek? Could your level of geekiness be measured by how long you spend on the computer? And if you are on it regularly, how can you be sure you’re not making your ecological footprint deeper?

There are so many easy ways to cut back on your energy consumption, cut back on landfill, and in effect save the world, one geek at a time.

Use low energy consumption computers. They can save you up to three hundred dollars a year on electricity costs. Install a cooling program that also reduces power consumption, and in turn CO2 emissions. Another way to preserve your PC is to turn off your screen saver instead, turn the monitor off and power down your hard drive after a specified time of inactivity. When you are ready to upgrade (as most geeks do regularly), donate the old PC or laptop and recycle the old batteries.

When you have finished looking up Britney’s latest misadventures or how to compost faster, don’t forget to turn off your CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs). These bulbs will save you $100 on electricity within each bulb’s lifetime. Although the initial expense is a little more than the average light bulb, they last fifteen times longer and conserve so much energy. A real eco-geek’s dream!

Use power strips to combat phantom loads (the power being consumed when a device is turned off), and switch off at the wall. If you are a true geek you will already know that an electronic fax service saves paper, ink, time, and also prevents your needing a second phone line. Digital is always the way to go, with ink cartridges taking up to 450 years to decompose. If you do require the latest print-out (on recycled paper) of hints and tips for that x-box game, use a recycled cartridge it can save you 75% on purchase cost, and reduce landfill.

Use rechargeable batteries and solar-powered gadgets for all your techie needs, from mobiles and i-pods to laptops. Work at home, reduce fuel consumption and deadly vehicle emissions, and work within your own smart schedule. Eco-geeks on a mission to reduce their environmental footprint will bike to work, carpool, or take public transportation bravely, and will never let an opportunity pass to blog, post, or email any information that could help fellow nerds to become pro-earth enlightened. Take these steps, and geeks (being mostly mild and meek) will indeed inherit a healthier earth.

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