Science Fair Project Challenge: Conjure Up Sustainable Inventions

March 21st, 2013 BY Marina Hanes | No Comments

Are you a science geek or wannabe inventor? Then don’t shy away from your true talents…the world needs more eco-friendly inventions! With the need and availability of alternative energies such as solar and hydropower, there are a plethora of roads you can travel down. Remember, how fun the science fairs were in grade school? Then relive those memories and spend your spare time this summer being a mad scientist determined to contribute to the wellness of our planet.

It’s quite possible that there are science fairs you could enter into this year, and if you’re interested, check with your local park or fairground to find out about upcoming events. Another option is to search online, because often times there are science contests out there that you can enter into. In the case that you’re not the science minded one in the family, encourage and support your brainiac child to get involved in something. Developing and testing an invention can be a fun summer pastime.

Once you have a venue in mind—it could just be for the family and sheer convenience for the household—research a project and devise a blueprint for the idea. When you’re brainstorming, think about common problems people come across in their everyday life and how you can improve them for the greener. It’s beneficial to bounce ideas off of friends and family, because they can probably provide you with some insight. To get yourself in the mood for a larger, more complex project, start small by building a solar powered toy car or a watering system for your garden.

What are the benefits of challenging yourself to a science fair project? First of all, it will prevent you and your children from watching television all summer, and second of all, the outcome might provide you and possibly the world with something that is useful and eco-friendly. So don’t sell yourself short…all of the sustainable products and devices on the market started with one idea. Taking the opportunity to experiment and throw around ideas this summer might result in an amazing invention or at least a good try, anyway.

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