What is a Solar Powered Car?

Solar Powered Cars traditional are defined as cars which run on energy from the sun. They got their first recognition as a possible transportation method through the series of annual races across Australia.

This definition however is changing, in recent years of the green movement, solar power explosion now allows people to charge plugin electric vehicles (PEVs) through solar panels installed on their homes and in recent history solar panels installed on the roof of the car itself.

There is a very bright future for solar energy to power our transportation needs and we're just scratching the surface of the possibilities.


History Of Solar Powered Cars

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Solar Powered Car Projects

How does solar power work?

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  1. Paul

    I can’t wait to get a solar powered car it will complete my entire transition to going off the grid.

  2. dawson

    i bought a solar power toy car today at the book fair at hendricks avcenue elementary thats my school go buy for 14 dollars

  3. Victoria Glover

    i cant wait to build a solar powered car….my class in honors physics is working on a project that a certain group jincluding me gets to build a solar powered vehicle….we have been writing reports adn everything for about 2 months now but i cannot wait to get started if anyone would like to help out by donating information or anythhing please contact me i need all the help i can get right now im kinda the leader…..hahah right

    • Responses to Victoria Glover
      B. Ryza says:
      April 5

      I teach physics in Texas and we are doing the same thing with a small grant. Our attempt is to convert a golf cart into a solar car. We would love to share info with ya’ll.

    • 5
      barbie says:
      April 14

      Victoria if you go to facebook ”Bremond Solar Pit Crew” group you’ll find information, pics, and video of our project progress.

  4. antriksh sharma

    what can be further advancement in solar car?can it wireless operated,if yes,then please let me know the technology behind it.

  5. Anita Rivett

    this is a really cool site, I really love it!

  6. what

    i like the green apple

  7. hyper-melli

    i really want ppl 2 start buying solar power cars. if cars ran by fuel aren’t made illegal in the next 1 1/2 years i don’t know wut the point in trying is! i don’t usuallt get worked up about these things but i happen to like penguins! obvioiusly the drivers of fuel powered cars dont!!!

  8. Alyssa

    These things are cool. Wish I, a normal person, could actually afford one though.

    • Responses to Alyssa
      carol says:
      June 8

      Does anyone know if there was one traveling across the country and would have been in Pittsburgh/Bridgeville area?

  9. yo mamma

    Solar power cars ARE dope

  10. napalmer

    ah,what tha hell…are you insane,plz i need someone to reply on that.

  11. Shadow

    I’m a lot about speed in a car but I guess that helping the environment is good too huh?

  12. Javier (aka bmw)

    These cars are beast.

  13. TOMMY

    hey!!! LOVE THE SITE!!!! :)

  14. bob

    why is there a bald headed guy on the coment blog?

  15. Josh

    This is pretty cute teehee

  16. thinkboutit

    Who would buy a solar car in todays economy, they really are ineffiecent, most of these cars a sporty, or ”alien-like” cars that really couldnt provide the proper transportation needed in the everyday life of the average person.

  17. Dina

    I love what you are doing here. Not only are these cars helpful for the environment but they will save everyone lots of MONEY! No longer will I be a slave to the pump.

    Keep up the great work :)

  18. Arnie

    What’s wrong with buying a huge gas guzzler? I have 4 gas guzzlers and proud of them!

  19. Zhang

    That is amazing!
    I really wanna own one`

  20. Theresa

    I think this is really amazing too. And am off to read some more!

  21. shaneena

    bagarrrghhhhhh car sun equal solar car

  22. Robert West

    As an environmentalist, I like this site and the information therein. Keep it up, the more voices raised the closer we will get to our goal of zero emissions with regard to our modes of transportation.

  23. kim rehman

    solar car is a necessity for future world

    • Responses to kim rehman
      Franklin says:
      April 20

      I agree with you Kim, solar energy doesn’t pollute the air, this is the main thing what we want.

  24. Wendell

    I want to use solar power to motorize an adult tricycle and a trailer for it. Anybody know where I can get ”thin film photovoltaic material”? wendell.archer@gmail.com

  25. ray

    these are good ideas but are they doing the planet good?

  26. Eloy

    Does anyone know the cost of one of these?

  27. mike frieman

    doing the Planet good? uh…probably. Is it possible to make a completely solar powered RV? I would love one.

  28. Quintajah Williams

    It’s so cool how you put the cars together and make them run!

  29. Dan

    yo is it possible to upgrade your VAN with some solar panels, seriously, not for fueling up, but just to have some electricity stored so I can have some light in the back of my VAN and I could plug in my laptop for 5 hours per day, so i dun have to pay loads of cash to live in dorms and i could buy a cheap VAN and sleep in it. try to lower my cost while studying.

  30. Robbie Kleij

    to build serious electric cars the electric motor needs revamping and costomizing for the new solar concept, many criteria of fossil fuel cars need to be thrown out and totally new concepts employed that’ where Angstromega units arrive a total global transportation interface that corresponds with Kyoto protocol and a green earth. A managed system at 650km/h intercity and upto 300km/h urban transport all feed by solar and wind generated power

  31. DDR

    I have 800 cc petrol car and i want this car run on solar plates as solar car. If anybody can help me how to make it possible then please do mail me.

    • Responses to DDR
      lari says:
      July 6

      ddr i am afraid thats not a practically viable option .u can peobably get few extra miles in hybrid configuration(cost ) . other wise close to reality tranformation would require loosing considerable body weight .conversion from conventional to electrical gadgets . its better and cost effective that u design ur own car .light ,aero dynamically configured ,get air power assistance as well . take care . if u wish and possess requisite knowledge we can think of a joint project

  32. mohammad Aqib

    Dear Sir,
    I m trader from Pakistan,trading solar power system since 2008 ….I am intrested to get knowledge of Solar Cars/motor bikes and wants to introduce it in Pakistan first time…I hope it would get a good scope in future here too…
    please send me information of cars…so that if it is affordable than i want to promote its business in Pakistan..

    • Responses to mohammad Aqib
      lari says:
      July 6

      aqib aoa i dont think that only solar powered cars or scooters are commercially available . experimental are very expensive . electric power driven scooter are successful in china and even i have driven it my self . but chinese have placed charger everywhere & they are making electric cars as well .



  34. totiredforyou

    i’m actually going a project on solar and i’ve never in my life time built one before so it’s pretty new and interesting for me >.-

  35. Nhael de la Rama

    is it really possible to have that kind of technology?

  36. Saddam Khan

    it really possible.

  37. Fatima Ib

    shou fatima?

  38. Kevin Rogers

    Love to do this. Anyone with specifics on what is needed to make a solar power car, I`d love that info. Thanks.

    • Responses to Kevin Rogers
      May 30

      Talk to my dad. He drives a Mazda mpv van around the farm that is total solar.

    • 46
      May 30

      Very cool, I will do that. Thanks!

    • 47
      May 31

      I volunteer the cute little yellow hunk of junk for your first project!

    • 48
      June 3

      Are you sure? Because right now it runs .. at least!

  39. Albert Gordon

    Solar panelled cars, a dinosaur myth or a viable proposition? It is rather hot hither today.

  40. Solar Energy

    I think it's entirely plausible for a future with pollution free traffic on the roads. That's the beauty about clean, sustainable and cheap energy.
    A friend sent me this video with exactly this information:


  41. Alvin Maddox

    Its cool men hope to have one soon.

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