Solar Powered Car Device keeps you Cool

July 10th, 2006 BY Bart | 12 Comments

With the school year winding down, parents look ahead to plenty of hot summer days out on the road with the kids in the car. Just how hot those days can be may not hit you until you open the door of a car that's been baking for hours in a parking lot. The fun really starts when the little ones have to get in. Here is where your new solar powered car gadet comes into play.

In these fuel-conscious times, when consumers may think twice before cranking the AC, one alternative is a solar powered car ventilator. Susita makes a model called the TO-230. It's basically a small fan weighing 1-1/2 pounds that goes on top of a car window, with a solar panel facing outward.

The solar panel, which is 5 inches by 4.5 inches, powers the fan, which exchanges hot air inside the car for the presumably cooler air outside. If you park in the shade and want to use the fan, there's a plug-in adapter for the car. One retail Web site says the fan can reduce your parked car's interior temperature by 25 degrees, though that's not much solace considering another Web site cited 160 to 180 degree temps inside a parked car on a sunny day.

Pricing varies online. Digital Kitchen lists the fan for $34.95 in its "Dads & Grads" sale, down from $49.95. Carol Wright gifts carries solar fans for $29.99. AmeriMark listed them for $14.99. Or try your luck bidding on eBay.

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  1. Winkyboy

    I tried one of these for a whole summer once… I could NOT tell the difference between using this, and just cracking the windows some.

    Better just to get one of those windshield shades.

  2. shadowbot

    I saw a report on the local news where they tested this, they found that it did next to nothing to help the temperature in the car.

  3. Patrick G

    LOL, the above posters are correct. A fan feels cool to us only because it is drying the moisture off our body to give the feeling of being cool. The fan inside the car could not exchange the air with the outside unless the windows are open which would kind of render the fan useless anyway.

    On another point fan converts energy to kinetic energy (solar to kinetic) and some of that energy becomes heat so having a small fan on is also contributing to heat generation. Question is if the heat produced by fan is greater or less than the heat it disperses, if it does so.

    good concept would have brought one but my Physics teacher would have a fit at me, :)



  5. Kingsley

    Make it a little bite cool

  6. DCM

    Do NOT try this to be able to keep a pet in the car!!!
    This does NOT keep a car cooler at all! It only slightly moves around the hot air!

  7. folding solar panel

    Not a bad deal for this price, But I doubt it’s usability, Has anybody tried it yet?

  8. spanky

    I tried this when out shopping with my toddler and dog. It allowed me to spend more time in the stores while leaving my brood in the car. They were a bit sweaty and panting when I got back but they didnt die. A success in my book.

    • Responses to spanky
      Sarah says:
      July 3

      You left your toddler out in the car??

    • 11
      January 14

      omg. How could you leave your toodler in the car. how is it a succses in your book if the toodler is panting and sweating. that is so stupid.

  9. soccerchic

    omg this thing is so stupid but energy saving.

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