June 3rd, 2008 BY Deborah Robinson | No Comments

Did you know even when you shut down powered devices in your home, phantom power usage continues? It all adds up. Besides increasing the cost of your electricity bill, it is an energy waster. Cell phone chargers, computers, and other appliances use electricity even when turned off. Standby, or sleep mode continues to use electricity.

Though not always practical to unplug everything from the wall when not in use, Treehugger has some ideas for powering down. Try a smart power bar, which will cut the power when your devices are off. Even better, the mini power minder has the smarts to shut down your computer’s peripherial devices, when you shut down your computer.

With a ‘KillaWatt’ or ‘Wattson’ you can test your appliances and monitor your home electricity usage. Consider a portable solar or wind recharger, such as this Solio charger for handheld devices, including your digital camera. Very practical, recharge anywhere, while saving energy at the same time.

Here are some tips for Reducing Energy Costs.

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