The Do It Yourself Plug-In Hybrid: XR3

July 31st, 2013 BY Evelyn | No Comments

This one is for serious mechanics interested in putting together a more technologically sustainable vehicle than the usual automobile, or even those interested in putting up the $200 to view the specs and see if they are willing to put together their own version of the XR3 plug-in hybrid.  All said and done and successfully assembled, the XR3 can go up to 225 miles per gallon and has a top speed of 80mph, leaving this Prius driver wondering if I have the ability to follow the specifications to put together one of my own.  Included in the $200 price tag for the plans are drawings, electronic 3D virtual models, and even computer files to help you local vendors make the parts.  Last but not least is an instructional DVD that has a basic overview of building the car.  

The XR3 is designed to be assembled as a three-wheeled sports car and has the option of coming together as a battery-only vehicle with a 100-mile-range, a 3-cylinder diesel vehicle that gets 125-mpg, or the aforementioned hybrid combination of the two.  No worries for those with mechanical prowess and no knowledge of intricate computers to get the two motors talking to one another, because the two systems operate individually with the two front wheels being powered by the diesel and the rear being connected to the electrical source.  The fuel efficiency of the XR3 comes partially from the dual engines and hybrid-technology, but is also affected by the incredibly light curb weight of little more than 1450 pounds.

So are you ready to put together your very own XR3?  For now, some knowledge of working with fiberglass may helpful, as there is currently no way of purchasing pre-molded panels.  According to the company, the original designers had no previous experience working with fiberglass, but kits with the pre-molded panels are supposedly in the works.  Additional customizations within the kits include plans to design a roadster version as well as the technological information on how to modify your current automobile in order to make it more efficient.  To get started on your very own go visit the company‚Äôs website.

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