Company finds a way to run Cars on Water!!

March 28th, 2014 BY Bart | 16 Comments

This is quite interesting using what they call HH2 gas, this company is working on using water to power cars or weld things. Currently they have a test vehicle which runs as a hybrid with water and fuel but they say they can run exclusively on water alone…

While the technology may not be as unique or breakthrough as the reporter and company spokesman claim (it seems to be based on an electrolytic process commonly known as “Brown’s Gas.”), it’s still a great story to watch, and then do some fun follow-up research on.

I wish there was some more info about this but for now this video will do. Hopefully we can see this technology in service sooner then later. One of the really interesting things about this was that Fox and CNN actually ran the story A win for the good guys in itself.

  1. Bruce mclaughlin

    “because it’s going to take some serious batteries to reconfigure H2O into HH2 and back to H2O.”
    But that is not what is happening. The hydrogen just makes your gas burn better and release the energy that would otherwise be going out the tailpipe in unburnt gases. Running your car on h2o is still a pipedream, whereas gas and hho is reality

  2. Geoff Wozniak

    This is an classic obfuscation of the second law of thermodynamics.

    It is indeed the case that the Aquygen (HH2) gas “burns” cleanly and simply becomes water. This is because it is a reconfiguration of water (H2O) — same elements but a different molecule. What is not said is that HH2 is not stable and that turning H2O into HH2 requires a lot of energy. Note that it takes “water and electricity” to break it down. This means water is not the fuel –electricity is. Also note that he doesn’t say how much electricity it takes to work the welder (or the car).

    While I have no doubt the welder works great, it’s not going to solve our fuel issues any time soon, because it’s going to take some serious batteries to reconfigure H2O into HH2 and back to H2O.

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      Stephen Morris says:
      November 16

      Not at all, if you have a hybrid system car, one that stores braking energy, such as a Prius, then you will have plenty of energy available for electrolysis. You say HH2 is unstable, but that’s the point isn’t it? If it wasn’t unstable there’d be little use for it! It burns and can power your car. And as for power plants that run on this stuff, wind turbines and solar panels will provide the neccessary energy for electrolysis and since they will be on the coast, they will have an abundant source of electrolyte rich water. I have a suspicion that some States or Multi-Nationals have the Patents for this technology but due to National Security issues they aren’t publicised or listed. The sooner this technology comes to the publics attention the better for all of us, except for the money hungry power mongers who like to lord it over the rest of us.

  3. Bart Dabek

    small discussions starting…


  4. kdehead

    is this for real?

  5. Jim Quam

    Geoff is so right. Just google Brown gas.
    Using solar to make hydrogen instead of routing it to a battery looks cool though.
    Just think a 100 mile cube of solar in Nevada could supply the entire energy needs of the U.S. Regards

  6. dreads

    I am just wondering why like the whole world doesnt know about this. We should have the facts and should be able to mass produce these cars

    If i was bush or was in the goverment i would forget about iraq and work on tiis

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      Axegrinder says:
      December 16

      As long as a few men are making Billions selling oil, this technology (which is not new) will remain hidden from the general public…sadly it all comes down to $$$.
      Google ”Nicola Tesla” and educate yourself. We are 100 years down the wrong road…Tesla had the best ideas for free energy and yet where are his inventions?

  7. saturnsc

    Put solar panels, dishes or plants on gas stations and peoples’ homes to produce the energy, then let them pump it into their cars.

  8. Axl Ghost

    OMG! True! (for people who dont use the internet as much as they should it means oh my gosh.) I saw a commercail on it once. So true. Good job human race! :)


    Hey everyone, Geoff and Jim rule. Good ideaz! Im not going to say anything about bush becuase i might be traced. -looks both ways- Mass Productioning these cars would be a great idea.

  10. libagui

    This is another intent to build a perpetual movement machine. it violates first and second thermodinamics laws and comon sense. if you ask about this to any engeeniering student, the answer will be ” not posible”

    • Responses to libagui
      J. R. says:
      June 10

      … man can’t fly, never has and never will… how boring. Are there any problem solvers in the world left? Not just whiners. Better give up my cell phone… that won’t work either. Be careful, someone might invent a mirow-wave or something. Sarcasm intended!

  11. Ron. S

    I saw this kit being installed on Planet Green Channel on a RV that the Paul Frank clothing company uses for events the guy kinda explained how it works they pass water through electricity and via Electrolysis they convert it to hydrogen gas and that is used as fuel. the guy that was installing it also had it hooked up to his Dodge Ram truck and it showed how the hydrogen bubbles were traveling to the engine…it was cool. im ready to do my research into it and look at way i can implement it in my car. politics aside we need a solution and its not going to come from our gevernment or our major companies there are too many invested interests that hold it up. Its going to come from a guy in his garage or his basement that is tired of paying for high gas prices and high electricity just like the PC was invented

  12. Shanmuganandam

    Using water as a fuel to cars, will there be a situation that the water encroach the price of petrol

  13. John Constantine

    New idea makes new generation products…

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