Light Pictures: Drag & Draw From Philips

April 25th, 2008 BY Sarah Nelson | 3 Comments

Parents, breathe a sigh of relief: you will no longer have to train your children not to write on the walls! With an utterly mind-boggling and not-yet-available technology from Philips, they can draw, scribble, or write as much as they please and you won’t have to clean up afterwards. Drag & Draw comes with a bucket lined with LEDs, a “magic wand,” a paintbrush, and an eraser. Using the paintbrush to “stir” the bucket of LEDs, you can choose any colour from the spectrum to paint with. Point the brush at any wall, and somehow the bucket acts as a projector to make it look as though you’re drawing pictures with light. Wave your magic wand, and somehow the computer will recognize what you’ve drawn and give it an animated background. Press a button, and it’s all erased. This is about the coolest invention I’ve heard of in a long time— here’s hoping it becomes available soon!

  1. Anne Wingate

    Whoever thought this up doesn’t know kids. If they are allowed to write on the wall with one thing, they are even MORE likely to write on the wall with something else.

  2. Svetlana Usmanova

    I don’t just want it – I need it desperately! Can anyone give more or less precise info where it’s possible to get it or when it’s going to be available. I see sssso many people looking for it but not one piece of helpful information. Welcome to write me an email

  3. Waheed Bin Hasan Alkhan

    I was searching for this majical thing. but could not find and info about where to get it from. can you help?

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